Adventure on the Water

“You might want to head inside the cabin. Otherwise, you may get wet. It’s going to get bumpy. That speedboat has left what appears to be a hefty, unavoidable wake,” said the captain. Our little girls had never been on a boat before. Of course, my wife and I wanted their first experience to be a good one.

We chartered an unpretentious boat ride this past holiday weekend. Still, I would hardly describe it as roughing it. The vessel holds up to 98 people, has a glass-enclosed, air-conditioned cabin on the main deck with ice chests and snacks, and an upper deck for enjoying the scenery. The bridge sits forward on the main deck with areas to its port (left) and starboard (right) for passengers to relax. We were sitting on the deck in one of those areas, near the end of our excursion, when the captain advised that we might experience turbulence.texas water safety law admiralty maritime

Texas water safety is governed, in part, by Chapter 31 of the Parks and Wildlife Code. Under this authority, “No person may operate a motorboat so as to create a hazardous wake or wash.” Interestingly, there is also a specific law forbidding the operation of a motorboat in a circular course around anyone swimming or around any other boat or personal watercraft any occupant of which is engaged in fishing, waterskiing, or a similar activity (except to retrieve one of these downed recreationists).

Feeling adventurous, we told the captain we’d stand our ground and take our chances. Our girls were even more excited. They screamed in anticipation. We tightened our life jacket straps. We all grabbed the ship’s rail with white knuckles. Imagine our disappointment when we didn’t even experience a sprinkle.

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