Overview of Texas Statutory Property Liens

texas statutory property liensIn this post we defined a lien as a legal right or interest that a creditor has in another’s property, lasting usually until a debt that it secures is satisfied. Did you know that Texas has more than twenty different types of statutory property liens? These include:

  1. Judgment Liens
  2. Mechanic’s, Contractor’s, or Materialman’s Liens
  3. Landlord’s and Tenant’s Liens
  4. Hospital and Emergency Medical Services Liens
  5. Mineral Property Liens
  6. Railroad Laborer’s Liens
  7. Farm, Factory, and Store Worker’s Liens
  8. Self-Service Storage Facility Liens
  9. Newspaper Employee’s Liens
  10. Motor Vehicle Mortgagee’s Liens
  11. Broker’s and Appraiser’s Commercial Real Estate Liens
  12. Manufactured Home Liens
  13. Tailor’s and Dry Cleaner’s Liens
  14. Vehicle, Motorboat, and Vessel Worker’s Liens
  15. Stock Breeder’s Liens
  16. Stable Keeper’s, Garageman’s, Pasturer’s, and Cotton Ginner’s Liens
  17. Agricultural Liens
  18. Veterinary Care Liens
  19. Plastic Fabricator Liens
  20. Aircraft Repair and Maintenance Liens
  21. Damaged Fence Liens

In our Law 101 posts, we define terms, phrases, or concepts with the goal of conveying core information in order to set the stage for more complex discussions.

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