Month: December 2014

Can You Shoot to Kill Santa Claus for Trespassing?

Texans love their family and their property. Many like their guns, too.

texas shoot kill trespassIf St. Nick trespasses onto your property, can you shoot to kill him for trespassing?

No, in Texas you can’t use deadly force in response to trespass. However, deadly force is not criminalized when, in some very particular circumstances, it’s used in self-defense, in defense of a third person, or to protect property.

Texas criminal law allows one to threaten force when the use of force is allowed by law in narrow situations. So maybe Santa shouldn’t be too surprised to at least see a shotgun wielded.

Please don’t shoot to kill Santa. Many children would be disappointed. Plus, his estate may have civil remedies even if your behavior isn’t criminal in nature. And I’ll bet Mrs. Claus makes a very charming witness.

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Law Office of John Roper Commemorating Four Years!

anniversaryIt’s almost impossible for me to believe that it was four years ago that I decided to open my own office. Time flies when you’re having fun. I owe a debt of gratitude to entrusting clients, thoughtful friends, and supportive family. Someone quoted Confucius as saying, “If you enjoy what you do, you will never work another day in your life.” I don’t know if Confucius actually said that. But I believe it’s true. Practicing law has been, and continues to be, very fulfilling. Thank you everyone. Here’s to several more years….

Topics of Consideration by 84th Texas Legislature

84th texas legislature sessionThe 84th Texas Legislature’s regular session officially convenes at noon on January 13 and concludes on June 1, 2015. Legislators must file most bills by March 13. Some have already pre-filed bills. This proposed legislation provides insight as to some topics the legislature may consider next year:

  • State and Regional Water Issues
  • Topics of Classroom Instruction & Education Curriculum
  • Minimum Wage
  • Term Limits for Certain Elected Officials
  • Voting Issues (pre-registration and registration, training of voting registrars, acceptable forms of identification, etc.)
  • Creating New Criminal Offenses (texting while driving, cargo theft, voyeurism, revenge porn, human smuggling, etc.)
  • Establishing Permanent Daylight Savings Time
  • Direction/Redirection of Revenue
  • Apportionment of Congressional Districts
  • Creating/Commemorating/Recognizing Specially Designated Days (National Teacher Day, Constitution Day, Patriot Day, Armed Forces Day, National Day of Prayer, Lung Cancer Awareness Day, etc.)

To find a list of pre-filed bills, click here, select “84(R) – 2015,” and then click “Filed House Bills” or “Filed Senate Bills.”

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