Can You Shoot to Kill Santa Claus for Trespassing?

Texans love their family and their property. Many like their guns, too.

texas shoot kill trespassIf St. Nick trespasses onto your property, can you shoot to kill him for trespassing?

No, in Texas you can’t use deadly force in response to trespass. However, deadly force is not criminalized when, in some very particular circumstances, it’s used in self-defense, in defense of a third person, or to protect property.

Texas criminal law allows one to threaten force when the use of force is allowed by law in narrow situations. So maybe Santa shouldn’t be too surprised to at least see a shotgun wielded.

Please don’t shoot to kill Santa. Many children would be disappointed. Plus, his estate may have civil remedies even if your behavior isn’t criminal in nature. And I’ll bet Mrs. Claus makes a very charming witness.

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