Construction Contract Administration in Three Sentences

The phrase construction contract administration refers to a variety of services that assist the owner of a construction project and the general contractor in implementing, maintaining, and concluding the project, along with providing some limited oversight functions.

Often, the owner of the construction project contracts with the same architect who designed the project to perform these services.

Examples of contract administration services, from the AIA’s B101 agreement between the owner and architect, include advising and consulting with the owner during the course of the project, performing site visits and generally evaluating the work to determine if it accords with the contract documents, working with the owner to provide necessary submittals to the appropriate governmental authorities, interpreting and deciding matters concerning performance under the contract documents, serving as an initial decision-maker in matters of dispute between the owner and general contractor, and reviewing and certifying amounts due to the general contractor.texas architect construction contract administration

In our Law 101 posts, we define terms, phrases, or concepts with the goal of conveying core information in order to set the stage for more complex discussions.

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