Month: May 2016

Foreclosure in Three Sentences

texas foreclosure mortgageA mortgage is the transfer of an interest in real estate and improvements as security for the performance of an obligation. Often, that obligation is the repayment of a loan. Foreclosure is the legal process whereby the secured party (i.e., the lender) has the collateral (i.e., real estate and improvements) sold to satisfy the underlying obligation (i.e., loan repayment).

In our Law 101 posts, we define terms, phrases, or concepts with the goal of conveying core information in order to set the stage for more complex discussions.

Client Testimonial May 2016

“I am the managing partner of four separate businesses and John Roper has represented each of them, and me personally, over our more than 20 year relationship. He has always been professional, courteous, [and] helpful…. He even goes out of his way to be sure I am comfortable, which sometimes entails actually taking me to the court room and back. His fees have always been fair and reasonable. I continue to use him and am thankful to have him available when needed. I recommend him very highly. High character and outstanding attorney!”


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