Month: December 2016

Sixth Anniversary

Six years ago our daughter Sofia was born, and I opened my law firm. Both events were positively and unmistakably transformative. It’s with great pride that I’ve watched them both grow.

Inspired by our fifth anniversary, last year we aspired to increasing our rendition of free legal services to those who meet federal poverty guidelines. On behalf of one such client, we tried a property damage/constructive eviction case to jury verdict this year. Results vary case by case, but our firm (and our client) were happy with the outcome in this particular case. I’m happy to report that we met our goal of increased pro bono work and strive to do even more this upcoming year.

We have some other exciting changes planned for the year ahead, too.

I believe that those who are called to work in the law are called to serve a purpose higher than themselves. On behalf of all Americans, we are charged with the vital responsibility of pursuing “liberty and justice for all.” I personally believe this duty will be more successfully discharged through, and in conjunction with, the exercise of other virtues, such as prudence, courage, fortitude, and temperance. These are ideals to which I aim, the cornerstones of my law practice, and some the values I try to instill in our children.

Land Surveying in Three Sentences

The Board of Professional Land Surveying is charged with licensing, regulating, and disciplining land surveyors in the state of Texas.texas land surveyor land surveying

Professional surveying includes any work involving the application of “special knowledge of the principles of geodesy, mathematics, related applied and physical sciences, and relevant laws to the measurement or location of sites, points, lines, angles, elevations, natural features, and existing man-made works in the air, on the earth’s surface, within underground workings, and on the beds of bodies of water to determine areas and volumes for: (i) locating real property boundaries; (ii) platting and laying out land and subdivisions of land; or (iii) preparing and perpetuating maps, record plats, field note records, easements, and real property descriptions that represent those surveys.”

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, perhaps unsurprisingly, the industries that employ the most land surveyors are architectural and engineering, government, and construction.

In our Law 101 posts, we define terms, phrases, or concepts with the goal of conveying core information in order to set the stage for more complex discussions.